Why we should fly less

The reality we face (WeDontHaveTime, 2018) 

How to reduce flying related pollution

  • Climate change poll”: “Would you stop flying to lower your CO2 emissions?”. Kettley (2019)
  • Mitigation of carbon footprint of aviation. Master thesis. Public awareness and better technology dissemination, among others, as the best approach to mitigate aviation carbon footprint. Schare (2011)
  • How walking the talk increases the credibility of advocates. News article. Peer-reviewed article. There is a correlation between researchers’ carbon footprints and their credibility. Attari, Krantz, and Weber (2016)
  • Our influence spreads as we fly less. Masters thesis. Leading by example, as in putting a stop to flying sends a powerful and effective message to shift people’s behavior. Westlake (2017)
  • On the importance of role modeling emissions reductions. Peer-reviewed article. It was proved that leaders’ behavior is a key component in shaping followers’ attitudes and involvement. Gächter and Renner (2018)
  • How to reduce your carbon footprint when you fly”. Technics and tricks to minimize one’s carbon footprint when flying. BBC News
  • Flying Less, a petition for academics with over 400 signatories
  • How academic and professional organizations can reduce air travel to conferences. Peach (2019)
  • Join the movement to induce change in individuals’ behaviour for a more sustainable world. Innerplanet  
  • We are students who launched a European Citizens’ Initiative, a participatory democracy instrument. We propose the introduction of a kerosene tax for flights within the EU. More information and link to the petition on our website:
  • Role of technological progress in cubbing down carbon emissions from flying in academia.
  • “Should climate scientists fly?”. “If climate scientists truly cared about bold climate action, why would they continue to fly and contradict their public advocacy?”. Myhre S. E. (2018)
  • Could you give up flying? Meet the no-plane pioneers. What we do as an individual matters, not only to us, but it also inspire people around us. Saner E. (2019)

Possible solutions (WeDontHaveTime, 2018) 

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