We are Earth scientists, academics, and members of the public who either don’t fly or who fly less.

In academia there’s an expectation to attend conferences, workshops, and meetings. Many academics, including Earth scientists, have large climate footprints dominated by flying.

Here you’ll find the stories of climate scientists and other academics who don’t fly or who fly less. Each one speaks strictly on her or his own behalf. The site is maintained by an Earth scientist, with no outside funding or partisan agenda.

We’re experimenting with having satisfying academic careers without all the flying. We hope that our openness about flying less helps to change this culture of flying, gradually reducing the professional handicap for those of us who choose to align our personal actions with our knowledge of global warming. We urge academic institutions to consider whether or not they have a responsibility to be role models in an age of obvious global warming, and if so to consider flying less.

We also hope to increase awareness of the climate impact of frequent flying outside of the scientific community. Flying currently accounts for less than 10% of the global climate impact, but it often dominates the emission profiles of the globally privileged few who can afford it.

We feel that global warming is an urgent problem for humanity. We believe that it’s important to align our daily life choices with that reality. We believe that actions speak louder than words.

If you are an Earth scientist or other academic (faculty, staff, or student) who is flying less, please join us! N.B. If you submitted an entry and you don’t see it posted, please submit it again. Apologies for the inconvenience.