We are Earth scientists, academics, and members of the public who either don’t fly or who fly less.

We feel that global warming poses a clear, present, and dire danger for humanity. In an era of obvious climate change, we believe that it’s important to align our daily life choices with that reality in order to raise public urgency and enable large-scale change. Actions speak louder than words.

We try to fly as little as possible while pushing for systemic change, especially through our home institutions. These are our stories – why we fly less, and what that means in a society that still rewards frequent flying.

Why the focus on flying? Hour for hour, there’s no better way to burn fossil fuel and heat the planet. Flying is also the domain of the globally privileged, and perhaps the most important example of lifestyle change we’ll all need to accept, sooner or later, as we transition away from fossil fuel: there’s no feasible replacement for fossil-fueled aviation at its current scale anywhere on the horizon.

Why the focus on academics? Academics are expected to attend conferences, workshops, and meetings. Many academics, including Earth scientists, have large climate footprints dominated by flying. Meanwhile, colleges and universities ostensibly exist to make a better future, especially for young people. We want our institutions to live up to that promise.

We hope that our openness about flying less helps to change flying culture, gradually reducing the professional handicap for those of us who choose to align our personal actions with our knowledge of global heating. We urge academic institutions to realize their responsibility to be role models in an age of obvious climate breakdown, and therefore to adopt policies and strategies for flying less.

We also hope to increase awareness of the climate impact of frequent flying outside of the scientific community. Flying currently accounts for less than 5% of the global climate impact, but it often dominates the emission profiles of the globally privileged few who can afford it.

Each member speaks strictly on his or her own behalf. Joining this site isn’t necessarily a promise not to fly.

The site was started and is maintained by an Earth scientist, Peter Kalmus, from a simple desire for a livable planet for all. more about the site, and contact info