Vincent Walsh

Professor, University College London - London, UK
London, UK
Vincent Walsh

I tried this about 15 years ago. People thought I was posturing or mad. Fair.

There’s nothing I like about flying less. I like flying. Not flying for work should be possible after Oct 2019. It will mean missing my favourite conference & friends in Tokyo in 2021, but as a community we can easily do this better.

My main reason is to set an example of individual behavioural change to my undergrads and use it as a vehicle for evaluating the role and effects of individual acts.

Cognitive Neuroscientist. Most of my work has been using magnet brain stimulation in humans to assess visual cortex function. I also have an interest in magnitude processing. More recently I’ve focussed on sleep & performance under pressure.

I teach on UCL’s BASc degree (best thing in my career).