Vincent Bourdin

Research engineer - Orsay, France
Orsay, France

Hi all, I’m deeply involved in energy transition since 1990. I work on solar energy conversion, and more generally on the use of renewable energies.

For our cars (used when necessary) and at home, a 70’s refurbished individual house, we buy about 30% of the mean energy consumption of typical French people and we use 50% of auto-produced renewables (41% thermal and 9% photovoltaic). Our carbon footprint remains 44% of the mean typical French people’s footprint, principally due to socially induced consumption (industrial food, computer, clothes…). I flew by obligation three times in the last three decades… I refuse to take a long flight for only a short working period.

My present work is mainly in the field of energetic efficiency, solar energy conversion, high renewable proportion energy mix, energy transition and sustainability.