Václav Sebera

Researcher, InnoRenew CoE & Mendel University in Brno - Izola, Slovenia
Izola, Slovenia
Václav Sebera

I assume that in the beginning people “got amazed by and got used to” extended mobility enabled by flying. Flying made the world much smaller, and scientists, among other people, used this opportunity, too. Interestingly, scientists were proved to be as wise as others because they also followed general flow of the presence. I also “enjoyed” it and somehow accepted flying as a standard belonging to the scientific work.

But nowadays I see it differently; I see it as hypocrisy and blindness to externalities that are causing planetary damage. Therefore I decided to fly less, to be less hypocritical and less blind to damages I am causing with my work. I learned that I cannot avoid flying completely, but I aim to minimize it as much as possible, and replace it by travel using trains, buses, and bikes.

I hope this initiative will become more known and will spread among the academic and research communities. After all, these communities have one little advantage over others: a wider access to scientific findings. Thus, this initiative may help scientists to internalize these findings in a way it will make them act and reduce their impact on the environment.

In my work I primarily focus on mechanics of wood, wood-based materials, and trees. I also try to think about their use, meaning, and implications with respect to societal needs, including environmental aspects.