Unni Eikeseth

Assistant Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Norway
Unni Eikeseth

For me, it is impossible to have knowledge about climate change and not act accordingly. I have tried to avoid flying altogether since January, 2019. I travel a lot between Oslo and Trondheim in Norway, about 6-8 times a year, and I always take the train for this distance.

For me, not flying has been mainly positive. I actually find going by train more relaxing, and I always get a lot of work done on the train. The downside is that I am away from my family for more hours than if I took the plane. I would love to prove that one can have collaboration with academics from other countries without having to fly to meet each other. I am open for Skype-collaboration!

I work as a science teacher educator at the Department of Teaching education at NTNU. Here I teach chemistry, + science didactics. My professional interests are, among others, scientific literacy and the use of storytelling for learning science.