Tim Minshall

MSc Student, University of East Anglia - Norwich, UK
Norwich, UK
Tim Minshall

When I first started to learn about the climate crisis, I took steps to reduce my carbon footprint such as becoming vegan, driving less, recycling more, and trying to buy second hand as much as possible. I had not considered stopping flying until I met my partner, who has been avoiding flying for years.

Flying has become ingrained in our society and is not promoted enough as a way to reduce emissions. I try now to raise awareness with my friends and family, but it feels like most people don’t want to accept the reality that flying is a luxury which is massively contributing to climate change. I now do not fly and also realise how much more enjoyable travel by bicycle or train is.

The issue of flying is part of how our society operates today and so we cannot simply reduce it overnight. We must address other new cultural norms, and one I feel particularly strongly about is slowing our lives down and appreciating the process of moving from one location to another. I recently went on holiday in Spain by train from the UK, and the journey became part of the holiday itself.

I am studying for an MSc in Climate Change and I am completing my dissertation on the relationship between wind power output, electricity demand and weather patterns in the United Kingdom. I will be working at ScottishPower Renewables as a wind turbine engineer from September 2019.