Thom Hawkins

Retired Writing Instructor, UCB - Los Angeles, CA - USA
Los Angeles, CA - USA
Thom Hawkins

Three years ago I told my extended family in Minnesota that I would no longer fly to see them. Since I am 82, it is likely I’ll never see them again. I don’t encourage them to fly to CA to see me. My conscience won’t let me hurt the earth anymore.

That’s why I put great effort into caring for the Throop Learning Garden in Pasadena, and into being a climate activist through my writing and teaching — all the while staying put. My words and organic veggies do the traveling.

Published author: academic papers & books, fiction, essays and poetry. I ran The Writing Center at UC, Berkeley, for 22 years after a ten year career in radio and TV broadcasting.

To locate me on Facebook, enter my name and ‘Throop Learning Garden Coalition.’