Tereza Stockelova

Researcher, Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, associate professor, Charles University - Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic
Tereza Stockelova

We need a profound reflection and action on how “global science” is done today. Not only for ecological but also social and epistemological reasons. I believe that knowledge and knowing has to get decentred and (re)gain relevance in particular locations.

I have not stopped flying altogether, but I am now carefully thinking about each and every flight. Is it necessary? What is it really worth it? And of course we need both – to change individual considerations, choices, and collective actions; and changes in academic cultures and expectations in how institutions operate.

I hope to see academic institutions and professional organizations soon joining this initiative and rewriting their rules of operation and codes. Thanks for starting this movement!

My work is situated in between sociology, social anthropology and science, and technology studies, and draws upon actor network theory and related material semiotic methodologies. I have investigated academic practices in the context of current policy changes, science and society relations, environmental controversies and, recently, the interfaces between biomedical and alternative therapeutic practices in the Czech Republic.