Sven Lukas

Universitetslektor, Lunds universitet - Lund, Sweden
Lund, Sweden
Sven Lukas

I have always preferred other forms of travel over flying due to the latter’s environmental impact. I have avoided long-haul flights as much as possible (‘banning’ myself from AGU conferences, for example) and attempt to fly as little as possible by making time in my schedule before fieldwork, conference attendances etc. (e.g. by taking the train or sharing transport with colleagues).

I firmly believe that it is important to set a good example not just to the outside world, but also the next generation of earth scientists that we’re all helping to educate. I feel it is time to (re-) establish the links between the science we all contribute to and our behaviour by demonstrating that we can study the earth’s climate and geological processes over various time-scales and also act responsibly.

I’ve worked on glaciers and glaciation in mountain and lowland environments, ranging from small cirque glaciers to ice sheet systems over various timescales (modern processes to the last glacial maximum, c. 25,000 years before the present). My study areas of the last 15 years include the Arctic, Alps and various regions in Europe.