Suzanne Whitby

Professional Facilitator & Climate Communicator; PhD candidate at VU Amsterdam - Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck, Austria
Suzanne Whitby

Flying is incredible. It’s extraordinary that we can get these massive machines, full of people and stuff, into the air. Aeroplanes have enabled me to travel from my home in South Africa to live in many different countries around the world.

In recent years, however, as I’ve become increasingly aware of my carbon footprint I’ve also become much more mindful of flying. I’ve embraced public transport as a means for moving around Europe, and actively choose to attend conferences with an online option when public transport won’t suffice. I also now facilitate meetings and group workshops exclusively online when the distances involved are too great. COVID has made this much more possible.

I haven’t quite identified a reasonable alternative to flying home to South Africa to see family and friends, and although I can’t give up my trips back altogether I do my best to offset each flight, stay longer, and visit less often. I can’t wait for my first slow trip home (when I have six weeks and a spare commercial shipping vessel at hand), but suspect it will take a while to manifest! It’s not a 100% no-fly solution just yet, but it’s what I am able to do for now.

As a PhD Candidate at VU Amsterdam I am exploring the extent to which multi-sensory stories performed in natural landscapes can result in place attachment and sustainable thinking and action. It’s a work in progress.