Susi Palmrose

farmer - Corvallis, Or.
Corvallis, Or.
Susi Palmrose

I gave up flying 2 years ago. My family of origin lives in Virginia, and I live in Oregon, so this means I have to plan a longer time away to get there by train. I am in a privileged enough position financially to be able to do this once or twice a year, so while it is less convenient, it is do-able for me.

I gave up flying after reading an article about the huge carbon contribution that comes from the airline industry. I feel that every day we must compromise our values and the chances of a livable future for our descendants. Each person can make a difference in altering some of our life choices, and simultaneously make efforts to change the entire destructive system.

I practice striving for restoring the relationship of humans with the Earth through natural farming and Social and Environmental Justice promotion.