Susana Hancock

Activist and Researcher - Earth
Susana Hancock

Having grown up in several areas where the climate crisis challenged daily life, I need to push for alternatives to flying. People hop on planes without even thinking about alternatives. I feel like I miss opportunities, but I have also been invited to speak all around the world through online platforms and have met many people whom I otherwise would not have met. I am hoping to start sailing to intercontinental destinations, especially as it is easier to work from ‘home.’ I can stay in touch with others and be fully productive while out at sea.

We need to normalise non-plane travel. In many places, trains are significantly more expensive or have awkward schedules, but nothing is going to change until we create that demand. Even when a trip by train might take longer, I am so productive on extended trips and can enjoy myself more knowing that I am impacting the environment less.

Susana Hancock is an IPCC Expert Reviewer and works on several climate projects with the UN. She is a member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Maine Youth for Climate Justice.