Susan Ellard

Medical Oncologist, UBC - Kelowna, Canada
Kelowna, Canada
Susan Ellard

For my kids, I can’t not think about climate change! I’ve reduced unnecessary travel and switched to using my EV for regional travel, my bike and feet for local travel – for the health of it as well as the emissions reductions. I hope if we act globally and urgently to reduce emissions, we may preserve a future option for air travel, with innovation to significantly reduce the footprint of this mode.

I think frequent flier rewards plans spur some people to travel unnecessarily. We have a culture of rewarding thoughtless over-consumption. Hopefully the pendulum is swinging away. We need more alternatives, such as rail travel, and I hope North America may invest more in this. Europe has done a great job on expanded cycling, transit and rail networks. We need more Europe in North America!

Medical oncologist for 20+ years, with an increasing interest in health promotion as a means of tackling and reducing rising rates of chronic disease, including cancer. I’ve taken a number of Coursera courses on climate science, out of personal interest, and hope to help lead change.