Steven Neshyba

Professor of Chemistry, University of Puget Sound - Tacoma, WA, USA
Tacoma, WA, USA
Steven Neshyba

My family and I have slowly moved in this direction over the past five years, from flying a lot, to a little, to not at all. It’s been a reluctant letting-go: of conferences that I felt I needed to attend, and of visiting friends or family, when doing so would have meant that I set foot on a plane. But in the end, that part has not been so very challenging (Zoom can compensate for quite a lot, I’ve learned).

The real challenge has been this wall that has grown up between me and my friends and colleagues. I want to tell them – and in some case I have told them — you are educated, society invested a lot in you. I feel they should know better, even though it took me such long time to know better.

I study ice in the climate system. That includes cirrus clouds, and it includes snow, as it darkens and melts faster when airborne soot lands on it. I also like to think about the possibilities of early life — like strands of RNA, on an early, icy Earth.