Stephen Wood

Applied Scientist, The Nature Conservancy - New Haven, CT USA
New Haven, CT USA
Stephen Wood

I’m a soil scientist working on part of a team whose mission is to contribute to negative emissions through the land sector. Yet I see people in my organization constantly traveling around the world. And I feel pressured to do so myself.

I don’t think I could fully cut out air travel–it will be necessary for my job and for visiting my in-laws. But I’ve started by committing to no more than one trip per month. That might still sound like a lot, but it was an important first step for me, and is less than many of my colleagues. I’m hoping to cut down even more in the future.

I study the impact of land management on soil biodiversity and nutrient cycling. I focus most specifically on agricultural systems and their impacts on soil carbon. I also quantify the impacts of building soil carbon on the ecosystem services provided by agriculture.