Stefanie Belohlavy

PhD, IST Austria - Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Stefanie Belohlavy

My professor inspires me to fly less. He takes the train to basically any destination within Europe. It is often possible and less difficult than one would imagine. Therefore, I try to do the same. He supports my traveling by train even if it is more expensive than going by plane. I feel very privileged and grateful for that.

I haven’t had to travel outside Europe for my career so far, but I would fly if it was necessary for a very select occasion. The topic is very close to my heart, and I try to align my personal choices with my knowledge about global warming.

However, it is important to note that policy decisions are the main tool to ensure an effective response to the climate crisis. How we vote and engage in the community politically is at least as important as personal choices.

On a small scale, I would like to see changes in how mobility is managed; trains should be way cheaper than planes. On a larger scale, I hope the global community realizes the dire need for action in time.

I work on the genetic basis of complex traits, taking a statistical approach. I’m especially interested in evolve and re-sequence experiment data and what it reveals about the response to selection.