Stefan Hofer

PhD student (soon to be postdoc) - University of Bristol
University of Bristol
Stefan  Hofer

Overall, I think slower travel has enriched my life more than it has hindered my scientific career. Whenever I chat with colleagues about my decision to not fly anymore – except for essential fieldwork data collection – they always seem very intrigued by the idea. I sometimes even get the impression, that people see me as a more authentic climate scientist for that reason. However, I find it hard to observe, that some very bright academics, despite knowing the consequences, still choose high-emission travel for often very egocentric reasons.

Undergraduate degree in Meteorology and Geophysics at the University of Vienna (Austria), then 3yrs weather forecasting for RedBull. Now a PhD student at the University of Bristol, looking at the role of clouds in Greenland Ice Sheet melt. Soon to be a PostDoc in Belgium, continuing to work on Greenland climate research.