Silver Damsen

Activist - Charleston

It’s easy for me to ‘fly less,’ because I’m so poor I don’t fly at all. This is what happens when someone has the choice of going on government aid (the result of breakdown caused by various factors, including a bad family, substance abuse issues, and the stress of graduate school) and becoming activist, or grinding it out in jobs I hated. I chose to be poor and use my writing skills.

I have searchable academic publications from when I was a graduate student (PhD English, MA Anthropology), but I never held an academic post. I have also published fiction.

My first activism was AntiAA; then anti-prohibition; then Steven Donziger and also Left issues in general; and then, most recently, climate change specifically, which is now my primary activism because it is the most pressing and dire. I write a lot of letters that I post mostly on my open Facebook page. I also moderate multiple FB groups; ‘The Greta Effect’ is the largest.