Sasha Adkins

Lecturer, Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago - Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
Sasha Adkins

I stopped flying in 2008, and I bring this up in my negotiations for any new position I take. I’ve missed an opportunity to present a paper in Germany, but I have gained credibility with my students when I teach climate justice.

Not flying is part of a set of commitments I’ve made including eating a less processed, plant-based diet, not having biological children, and opting out of disposable culture.

Sasha Adkins found their way to environmental health through a circuitous path that involved apprenticing with homebirth midwives, developing a health program for migrant farm workers, and working on HIV-prevention with a small AIDS service organization. Along the way, they became fascinated with plastics and their influence on the surrounding environments and people.