Sarah Bexell

Clinical Associate Professor - Denver, CO - USA
Denver, CO - USA
Sarah Bexell

At my university I teach in two subject areas that relate to global health, as well as social and environmental justice. However I fly, and often, and it has become a tremendous emotional and cognitive burden, as I know that it diminishes my voice and work when I am not walking the talk in this regard.

I am vegan and I did not have children in order to protect Earth, other animals and humans, but flying is something I have struggled to reduce. Thank you for creating this group so we can support each other.

Sarah M. Bexell, PhD is the Director of Humane Education with the Institute for Human-Animal Connection and Clinical Associate Professor with the Graduate School of Social Work, both at the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA. Bexell is also a faculty member teaching Animal Protection for the Institute for Humane Education-Valparaiso University. She teaches and does research in the areas of environmental and social sustainability and animal protection.