Sara Tarana Jobin

Artistic Director, Center for Contemporary Opera - Richmond VA/ New York, NY, USA
Richmond VA/ New York, NY, USA
Sara Tarana Jobin

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, my intention is to fly less and not to accept any more contracts that require me to fly. The future of all species on the planet is more important than the perception that jet-setting means you are important.

The American train system is not as good as Europe’s, but that’s what we’ve got. Challenges I’ve faced are that I spend a lot of time on Amtrak.

I will honor my word, having agreed a long time ago to a one-way flight in April 2020. Slower travel means maintaining one’s connection to the earth more strongly. I don’t know if my actions will shift the culture but can’t pretend I don’t know what I know. I love music and people and the planet.

I am an orchestra and opera conductor. I have a position in New York, and also freelance.