Sandra Morlacci

Sustainable Graphic Designer - Jordan River, Canada
Jordan River, Canada
Sandra Morlacci

I have decided not to fly anymore, as part of my carbon-footprint reduction. In 1998-1999 I went to remote areas by floatplanes (which I did enjoy) for work in the Yukon. Over the years, I flew on six international flights and a handful of domestic flights for vacations and to visit family. One time I was on a flight, and shortly after take-off the plane had to dump its jet fuel (over farmland and the Pacific Ocean) for an emergency landing.

My last flight was in 2017. To cease flying is an easy choice for me to make.

I am an independent graphic designer on Vancouver Island. My studio, Migration Design, focuses on purpose-led, socially conscious, and sustainable graphic design solutions to assist organizations and companies that value the planet and care about their impact on the world.