Sandra Bray

Community Advocate - Elmira, ON. Canada
Elmira, ON. Canada
Sandra Bray

I loved flying and travelling for pleasure. The international art group I was a member of was just getting launched, with about four international shows under our belt. My last flights were in 2012, to attend my own solo art exhibition in Turkey.

I had learned by this time that one actually couldn’t create more pollution in a day than by flying in those planes. I was at a stage in my life when I felt I had to at least quit flying to reduce the predictable trauma for our children. Surely, seeking personal stimulation and an international career was not worth the inevitable suffering that rising emissions would create for the kids in our family. Since then, I have taken several measures to reduce my carbon footprint (EV, ASHP) and now advocate for a carbon neutral future for my community.

I still miss overseas travel and collaborating with artists from afar.

Practicing artist. Professional teacher. Community advocate.