Romuald Elie

Professor of mathematics, University Paris-Est - Paris, France
Paris, France

Used to fly a lot 5 – 10 years ago, not fully aware of the impact. Crazy schedules. From Europe, 3 days visit to Vancouver, 3 days to Vietnam. Used to shorten the visit to 2-3 days to avoid double jet lag. Crazy.

Reduced to only long trips five years ago (6-month visits to the US instead of lots of 1-week visits), mainly for family reasons at that time (everybody comes, flying for a couple of months and nice adventures).

Since the last year and a half – stopped flying. Hard to explain this to colleagues somehow, to refuse invitations to 15+ conferences. A nice part of the job disappears.

Still looking for the right balance. I will at some point take a Europe-US or Europe-Asia flight but for a long stay (6 months +). Need to find a clear set of rules…still looking for it.

Now rediscovering the slow travel experiences. We choose academia to manage our time and thinking, if we cannot travel slowly, who can?

Research on stochastic control and machine learning for economic applications.