Rachel Miles

Research Impact Librarian, Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, VA
Blacksburg, VA

My field is in research evaluation and scholarly communication. I am trying to fly less, but my career is taking a major shift (advancement, really) and has recently offered many more opportunities to travel for conferences and professional development, especially to Europe.

This is a difficult thing to pass up, but I want to only travel to Europe when it’s crucial, and I don’t want to fly in the US anymore. I’ve even looked into traveling on cargo ships to Europe but they take several days, which I could justify if I could work from the cabin, but they do not have WiFi. It’s still a consideration though, because I think it would make a bold statement.

My research has primarily focused on the use and awareness of research impact indicators among faculty and academic librarians. I study how and why they use them in order to improve education on responsible research evaluation, which is a large part of what my job focuses on.

I help faculty members, research staff, students, and administrators with using, interpreting, analyzing, and implementing research impact indicators for crucial decision making; such indicators are diverse and robust and never singular for significant decisions, and can include normalized citation metrics and percentiles, network research data visualizations, citation networks, altmetrics, and usage statistics.

Qualitative analysis is also included and quantitative metrics are used to support it. I also have an expertise in copyright and author rights as well as open access, scholarly profile systems, and scholarly publishing.