Phil Bates

Professional musician - Malvern, UK
Malvern, UK

I have been a professional musician all my life, and have travelled by air a huge amount over the years, mostly for work, rarely for pleasure/leisure. I have become more and more concerned about how much I still have to fly for my work, but more so by the explosion of holiday and leisure flights. This is increasing at a time when it needs to be reducing.

I have pledged to find alternatives to flying, and reduce the number of flights I make drastically. Eradicating flying is my desire, but cannot be reasonably achieved whilst I am working still.

Flying is unpleasant, increasingly so. It is a dehumanising experience, but this could be tolerated if not for the huge and increasing damage that is being done to our global environment. We must greatly reduce the number of flights taken globally, and we must begin NOW!!!!

I will have to be more creative and thoughtful in my travel planning, view travel as a positive experience, and not dread every journey I take, as is the case now.

Professional musician