Peter Thwaites

Assistant Professor, Keimyung University - Daegu, Korea
Daegu, Korea
Peter Thwaites

I face a challenge in my work: I’m based in Korea, but many of my closest academic colleagues are based in the UK or other faraway parts of the world. For me, not flying could mean missing out on interesting projects or gaining new colleagues. But the climate emergency demands that I prioritise a sustainable lifestyle.

So my pledge is not exactly “I will not fly”, but “I will make the very most of the flights I take.” Rather than taking three out-and-back flights to three separate conferences, I was able, this summer, to tie three conferences together in a single trip; once I was in Europe, I was able to take trains between destinations in Holland, Belgium, and the UK, and therefore avoid flying. If I’m not able to do something similar in the future, then I simply won’t fly.

I research the organisation of words in the human mind, in both first and second languages. I work mostly with word association data.