Pablo Donoso

Professor - Valdivia, Chile
Valdivia, Chile
Pablo Donoso

I live in Chile, and any plane travel to the Northern Hemisphere has a large ecological footprint.

I learned the concept of non-negotiable habits, and I think that one, especially as a scientist, should aim to reduce significantly the annual flying kilometers if it’s not possible to eliminate flying. That would be of great help.

Set yourself a target to reduce your personal ecological footprint from your scientific agenda.

I work in silviculture of temperate rainforests in Chile, and promote a type of silviculture and forest management that aims to increase diversity, complexity, resilience, and adaptive capacity of the managed forests. Attaining these objectives is compatible with also having forests that can sustain the provision of varied and valuable timber.

In addition, I participate continuously in the debates about policies for a sustainable forest sector in Chile.