Noel Cass

Senior Research Associate - Demand Centre, Lancaster University, UK
Demand Centre, Lancaster University, UK
Noel Cass

My thesis was on Climate Change Policy in Local Authorities in the UK, started in 1997 – it was at a fairly early stage in the existence of the discourse of ‘climate change’ as a global policy issue. My research ever since has been on energy-related policy, including transport, renewable energy (and nuclear), buildings, and CCS, focusing on the social aspects and also public engagement. In the 20 years since, I have only flown three times to international conferences – to Sweden, Denmark, and once to Washington DC. The lack of ferries to Scandinavia since cheap flights began is a real impediment to having a flight-free career with European links. The Icelandic volcano Eyafjallajokul erupted when I was in Washington: clearly the Goddess expressing her displeasure. I have managed to get to Barcelona in less than 24 hours by Eurostar. We cannot continue to fly and advocate tackling climate change with our work. This means passing on much work and opportunities.


PhD in Climate Change Policy in UK Local Authorities, research since 1991 on

  • Environmental impacts of paper use and tourism;
  • Ozone depletion;
  • Waste composition, for Lancashire recycling policy;
  • Climate change transport policies;
  • Radioactive waste management – reactors and submarines;
  • Public engagement with renewable energy technologies – focus on marine energy;
  • Windfarm repowering public opinion;
  • Energy demand and thermal comfort of older people;
  • Fuel poverty and energy vulnerability;
  • Ethnographies of everyday travel;
  • ‘Less is More’, pro-environmental behavioural change game;
  • Office building design and energy demand;
  • Office work futures, time and energy demand, online shopping and energy/travel demand implications