Mike Page

Reader in Psychology; Director, Cube Project; Head of Centre for Research in Psychology and Sport Sciences - University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire
Mike Page

On account of the associated carbon emissions, I haven’t flown long-haul for work purposes since 2006; I haven’t flown long-haul for personal reasons since 1989. I haven’t flown short-haul for about 5 years, and have no intention of doing so unless absolutely unavoidable.

In my work, I am Director of the Cube Project, in which I design and build eco-friendly microhomes (www.cubeproject.org.uk). I would find it disingenuous to fly around the world to tell people about this and other projects.

Any international travel (in mainland Europe) is accomplished by hybrid car with four passengers, or by train (especially night trains).

Mike Page is an engineer turned cognitive psychologist. His principle research has been in human memory, though he has a developing interest in the psychology of pro-environmental behavior change. He directs the Cube Project, in which he designs and builds net-zero-carbon microhomes, as demonstrations of important techniques and technologies.