Michael Colgan

CSO Colgan Institute - Gulf Islands BC Canada
Gulf Islands BC Canada
Michael Colgan

Like Kim Cobb (piece by Kate Langin, Science 13May2019) I used to fly 200,000 miles a year (for two decades) to world conferences and meetings, even while writing public articles from 2000-2010 warning about climate change.

Gave up when, despite hundreds of thousands of positive messages on social media, nothing changed.

Quit flying, and refused distant speaking engagements when it finally hit me how much flying raised my carbon footprint. Now, moving my lab and home to downtown Vancouver so that we can walk to work and most places else.

Interested in joining you because, finally, public response to protecting the planet is growing, and I’m planning to hit social media again (with David Attenborough’s help). Perhaps my grandchildren will see again the magnificence of Nature I witnessed as a child.

Biochemist PhD. Design Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals. 50+ formal papers
5000 public articles, 32 books on medical
science, nutrition, pollution, climate, the carbon cycle.