Mary Jane Else

Educator - South Hadley, MA - USA
South Hadley, MA - USA
Mary Jane Else

I have been blessed to have traveled much and well when I was a younger person. I still have the richness of those memories. Who I am now is partly a result of those experiences.

My commitment to the climate emergency is such that I am giving up flying, unless and until I experience some type of personal emergency that demands it.

I was a working scientist for some years, then a science teacher. I am now starting a new career writing about science and advocating for a different kind of science education.

I look at the emergency facing our planet and I do place blame in many places. I think this is important, because without judgement we lose our moral footing.

But after 15 years as an educator, the rage that is most galling to me is that our educational structures, media, and power elites have left most people unable to think in scientific, moral, and political ways.