Mark Shipley

undergraduate, UC Berkeley - Oakland, CA
Oakland, CA

I fasted from flying for a decade. I walked from Illinois to Arizona at age 20, and have taken primarily passenger and freight trains, buses, and cars to travel. I first went to Europe by boat.

At that point my life became more complicated and I started to fly, but have since reduced it to only the most necessary trips. My ethic now is to fly only for family, or activism in which I feel that the benefit of flying is greater than the cost. I do not fly for vacation or pleasure.

I study political economy with a concentration in neoliberalism and financialization. I take coursework on climate change and climate policy, and am volunteering with Voyage Vert, which is attempting to create the first sustainable sun, wind, and non-fossil fuel-powered transatlantic passenger ferry. We are always looking for supporters and collaborators.