Maren Ingrid Kropfeld

PhD Student, University of Oldenburg
Maren Ingrid Kropfeld

Strong sustainability can only work if we’re willing to downshift our economy and lifestyles. “Less is more” should be the new credo and one part of it should be a more responsible way of travelling.
When I travelled by plane during the last years it was either for work or social reasons like weddings. The social expectations will be the hardest to deal with if I won’t fly at all anymore, while my career is my own choice. Flying to conferences all over the world and presenting my work on sufficiency-based lifestyles doesn’t go together very well, so there has to be another way of making a meaningful contribution in academics while sticking with my own ideals and beliefs.

Publication in JPP&M from Master thesis at ESCP Europe in Paris, France, on “The Ecological Impact of Anticonsumption Lifestyles and Environmental Concern”.

Three years of working experience at Bosch, as a freelancer and as research coordinator at the university.

Currently PhD student in Ecological Economics at the University of Oldenburg, Germany, working on “Sufficiency-based business models in transitions towards sustainable consumer practices”.