Marc Davidson

Endowed professorship Maastricht University - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Marc Davidson

To reduce the risk of climate change we have to substantially reduce the use of fossil fuels. It does not make sense to wait personally for the government to force me if I already believe these changes are necessary. I quit flying for work years ago, although I experienced the benefits of meeting people face to face at international workshops.

We need more radical changes and we need examples. Practice as you preach. How can I teach about environmental ethics and individual responsibility if I do not take it seriously myself? Compensating emissions from inevitable flights is a good idea, but it should not determine your choice to fly itself. Doing something good does not cancel doing something bad.

I perform research and I teach at the crossroad of ethics, economics and the environment. Mostly working at the University of Amsterdam and one day a week at Maastricht University.