Lynda Gagne

Assistant Professor - University of Victoria, Canada
University of Victoria, Canada

Flying less is at the top of my list of priorities for reducing my climate impact. I have pretty well exhausted all other margins and aim to reach 2 tonnes of emissions per year. I don’t fly much – but still, once per year, for about 6-8 thousand km. I travel to conferences and couple this travel with family visits. When I can, I attend local or regional conferences instead of far away ones. I dislike airports, big trips, luggage, etc., so flying less is a bonus. For a significant impact, changing the academic culture around flying needs to come from the top, so that flying less does not come at the expense of career advancement.

I was trained as labour economist but have engaged in a variety of research areas: child care and women’s labour supply, tobacco control, agricultural sustainability and regional planning, housing first, and more recently, the determinants of electric vehicles adoption.