Lucette Hindin

Manager, Citizens Advice Bureau - Aotearoa, New Zealand
Aotearoa, New Zealand
Lucette Hindin

I was worried about my flying for a couple of years before I made the decision to stop. It would be harder, I’m sure, if I was really into international travel (like a lot of kiwis are). Living in an island nation, there isn’t much other option (I researched getting to Australia by boat — the options are extremely few and terribly expensive). I have enjoyed using the bus and train services to travel between cities, and my electric bike for local commuting. I enjoy seeing more of the countryside as I travel and feel less rushed. Some great thoughts, ideas, and internal processing happen while sitting for hours on a bus or train, in a liminal space which isn’t “here” or “there,” is neither “home” nor “destination.”

I’ve often made choices like this ahead of the mainstream; I don’t push my ideas on people, but just share what I’m doing and why. That way, I find people have more space for their own processing and responses.

Manager, Citizens Advice Bureau