Louise Haas

Retired senior citizen - North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA

After spending time learning about climate change and how aviation adds substantially to the levels of CO2, I decided the “party is over”. Got solar panels on my home, traded my ICE car for a EV, changed diet to eliminate beef, reduce dairy products and… the most difficult… to forgo flying ( and cruising) and opt to travel short distances in my EV instead.

No more trips overseas, though I’m retired and would be able to do so. As all my friends still travel avidly, as I did for many years, it has produced some uncomfortable moments as they react to my saying that “No, I won’t be going overseas this year.” They ask “Why?” and I have to tell them the reasons. Often their reply is: “That is really nice of you.”

The irony is that they all have children and grandchildren, and I don’t.