Louis Dumas

Postdoc - Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne, Switzerland
Louis Dumas

I’m a French biochemist working at EPFL in Lausanne. I think scientists as a whole should lead the way toward matching our behaviors as humans to the data that we gather. If our studies show that we are nearing an ecological and environmental collapse, we need to start acting like it.

Also, from my rather short experience of going to conferences, I don’t think they are as crucial and efficient as we claim. Most of the time it’s just a matter of politics and showing your presence and your work, instead of highly productive scientific discussions that lead to an increase in scientific productivity and output.

Collaborations can be started and maintained remotely. For that, we need new or better tools to connect scientific communities and enable remote participation in scientific gatherings.

I studied biology and environmental sciences. I did my PhD on the biochemistry and biophysics of photosynthesis, and am now working as a postdoc on membrane proteins and mechanobiology.