Liz Darcy Jones

Professor, Biodanza SRT and Poet - London, UK
London, UK
Liz Darcy Jones

I no longer fly. I never flew very much but I took a ‘no fly’ vow last autumn when I joined Extinction Rebellion. The first time I was asked whether I’d be attending a Congress abroad, necessitating flight, the liberation in simply saying ‘I no longer fly’ was quite delightful.

If I should decide to travel long distance, I now have the pleasure of slowly acclimatising myself to the environment. I am no longer subjected to being treated like a potential threat to my world via customs, etc. Life becomes slower, decision-making easier.

Short podcast including rhyme drawing on the non-human example of the queen ant removing her capacity to fly for the sake of her children.

The heart of my creative work is founded on the Biocentric Principle ‘all life is sacred’. This precludes supporting continued fossil fuel use.