Linda Weaving

President, NoBCA Inc - Blue Mountains, Australia
Blue Mountains, Australia
Linda Weaving

I used to be a scientist, jetting across the country and overseas for conferences and an international postdoc, without a thought of the impacts of flying. Now I know better.

I am President of NoBCA Inc – No Badgerys Creek Airport, and have been fighting, along with many others, to stop the construction of a new 24/7 international airport in western Sydney for the past 4 years. NoBCA works together with RAWSA (Residents Against Western Sydney Airport), other community groups, political parties, politicians and activists. It is all about never-ending growth in aviation, at the cost of climate, community, environment, endangered species, and the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park. Very irresponsible in a time of climate emergency.

BSc with honours in Biology from Macquarie University. PhD in molecular genetics and epidemiology from Dept of Medicine, University of Sydney. CJ Martin Research Fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada & Children’s Medical Research Institute, Sydney, Australia. Hospital Scientist, molecular haematology, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney; Research and development Scientist, food safety and veterinary pathology Birling Avian Laboratories. I am no longer working due to illness.