Lina Wendt-Rasch

Researcher ACES, Stockholm University - Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Lina Wendt-Rasch

I gave up flying several years ago. First I gave up private flying, but then I realized that I cannot justify my work-related flying either, even if I work in an area that from a short-sighted perspective could justify flying (protecting humans and the environment from toxic chemicals).

I have participated in many stupid one day meetings at airports. It is obvious that we cannot continue like this. But it will continue as long as people go. I do not want to be part of this problem anymore, so I stopped flying and will instead be part of the crowd that enable change.

I have a PhD in ecotoxicology and have been working for the Swedish Chemicals Agency for more than ten years. Now I have partly moved back to the academy to participate in a research project on chemicals regulation and circular economy at the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry at Stockholm University.