Laurent Husson

Research scientist, CNRS - Grenoble

The issue of traveling is getting some audience in my lab, which is good news. However, it doesn’t solve the problem:

– a good share of my colleagues just cannot make the move to relate their personal activities to climate change; a common cognitive dissonance.
– those who are convinced are hampered in their will to travel less by the pressure that you describe very well, and just continue their business as usual.

Interestingly, I found it as difficult to convince the second group as the first one. The cost of deciding to travel less seems insurmountable.
An idea is to use social networks. I’m not too good a this, but I feel that spreading the word with Facebook, in a few months, that we commit not to go to AGU this year and encourage others to do likewise might be (or not) successful. What if AGU receives 10% less attendees?

I’m a research scientist, mostly working in the field of geodynamics. I’ve been in many labs, and now working at CNRS since 2006. I moved to Grenoble 5 years ago.