Kara Kockelman

Professor of Transportation Engineering, University of Texas at Austin - Austin, Texas - USA
Austin, Texas - USA
Kara Kockelman

I definitely turn down most invitations for long distance travel and offer to participate remotely. I try to add work at my far destinations to make the trips much more meaningful once there. And I buy offsets for me and my family on the flights we do make, while actively encouraging colleagues, family and neighbors to do the same.

My students and I recently did an n=1200 survey of Americans and wrote a paper at my website about opportunities for Americans traveling less for business. We’re not seeing great options. I do work on self-driving cars reducing long distance trips (air goes to ground travel), but overall more driving and congestion. Hopefully, fewer emissions because of auto manufacturers shifting more toward hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Please visit http://www.caee.utexas.edu/prof/kockelman/home.html#RESEARCH_&_REPORTS:_Energy_&_Greenhouse_Gas_Emissions to see my webpage with those and other transport energy papers.

Professor of transportation engineering for 21 years, with over 20 published journal articles on transportation energy issues. Climate change is the most urgent and important issue of our time.