Julian Carrey

professor - Toulouse, France
Toulouse, France
Julian Carrey

My last flight was in 2015. I have stopped flying for personal and professional purposes. I am quite happy with this decision: I do not have to face airports, which are quite sad places – symbols of our over-consumption and luxury. And my carbon footprint probably dropped by a factor of 4 or so.

Since then, I’ve had to refuse many invitations for international conferences…well, people will have to read my articles… and I will have to read theirs. Literature is already so rich and full of interesting data; I do not think I really miss important things. Sometimes I take the train to go to nearby countries so the “network” of researchers I know personally has and will shrink… not a big deal though. I really think we can stop flying and do some good research anyhow.

I work on the use of magnetic nanoparticles for applications in cancerology, catalysis and imagery. I am starting to work on the sustainability of technical systems.