John Cossham

Freelance Self Employed - York, UK
York, UK
John Cossham

I’ve been a ‘green’ since the late 1980’s. I did an environmental degree in the 90’s and started taking my carbon footprint very seriously then. In 2008 I won the Oxfam Carbon Footprint Competition with the lowest in the UK, out of about 100 entrants.

I stopped flying in 1997 as it didn’t fit with an ethical green lifestyle. I encourage others to do so, and challenge the idea that flying makes you happy or is necessary for a fulfilled life.

Although I work as a wacky kids entertainer, ‘Professor Fiddlesticks’, I also use my qualification and life experience to teach people about climate change, low carbon living, composting, Arctic methane, green funerals and related subjects. I do talks at Skeptics groups, Humanists, U3A and other events. I’ve done a TEDx talk too, and have written as a columnist in a magazine.

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