John Baldwin

Author of backcountry ski guidebook - Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
John Baldwin

I love skiing and winter. I have spent years backcountry skiing across large glaciers and icefields. Glaciologists predict that 70% of the glaciers in western Canada will disappear by 2100.

I don’t think most people realize that flying is often the biggest part of their carbon footprint and also the one part they have the most control over. For me it has been easy to not fly – I live close to everything I love. Most of the backcountry skiers I know have no awareness of the impact of their actions on the very activity they love the most.

I am the author of a backcountry ski guidebook. I have been skiing for 47 years and over that time I have witnessed huge changes in the glaciers and weather in the mountains where I ski. As a guidebook writer I want to help others to discover how amazing and precious our Earth is. And I hope that will help them and all of us learn how to stop climate change.