Jackie Woolston

Independent Researcher, Acequia President, Artist - Canjilon NM, USA
Canjilon NM, USA

Aviation is destroying the homogeneous orographic watershed recharge zone local climates for the Rio-Grande River.

Since April of 2018, hundreds of daily cruise altitude flights have been directly over the region. You can track the destruction to precipitation in real time. NOx dry and occult deposition look to be destroying fragile granite base Alpine soil pH. Storms that used to dump feet of snow, now only give “possible” inches. Winds are stalled by capped inversions and moisture is advected out of the region. Sky is no longer blue and toxic algae blooms in lakes on the river.

Can track storms, flights and impacts in real time. IT IS LIKE CLOCK WORK! Ground-based emissions do not impact far enough, high enough from source to destroy the climate. IT IS THE PLANES. Bio fuels burn hotter and will produce more NOx. Need to get NO FLY CLIMATE ZONES IN WESTERN SLOPE OROGRAPHIC WATERSHEDS. FAA hides behind CATEXs for all impacts above 3000 feet.