Iwuoha Emmanuel

Postgraduate Student, University of Nigeria, Nsukka - Nsukka, Nigeria
Nsukka, Nigeria

Flying less will bring about sustainable development. It is environmentally friendly. It will help to reduce carbon footprint /emissions. It will help to protect the environment. It is economically viable. You will save money from transport cost, and invest it in other business.

It will help in social welfare, like people’s health — which will improve when there is clean air.

Government and industry should fund universities in areas of information and communication technology. This will enable them to organize online conference, workshops, and seminars. It will also help universities save paper, which will reduce deforestation.

I am a climate change expert. I am a sustainable development goals advocate volunteer. I am an agricultural economist. I am the President of the Climate Change Youth Club at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka.